About Me

Name: Brian O'Neel
Hometown: Coatesville, PA

Journalist and editor Brian O'Neel is the author of two books on saints, 39 New Saints You Should Know and Saint Who? 39 Holy Unknowns.

In each title, O'Neel has crafted the sometimes amazing details of each saint's life into a collection of easy-to-read stories that will inspire and encourage readers to become more saint-like themselves. 

Both would make an ideal gift for graduation, confirmation, a newly married couple's bookshelf, CCD classes, parochial and home schools, and anyone who wants some help and inspiration in becoming holy, that is, in becoming like the person of Christ.
Published in May 2010, 39 New Saints You Should Know samples some of the lives of the more than 1,800 men and women beatified or canonized by Bl. John Paul II during his 26-year pontificate. Some are well known, some are obscure, but all are truly remarkable people. Each will help the reader realize that sanctity (i.e., sainthood) is possible for all of us.

Published in April 2012, Saint Who? 39 Holy Unknowns features the tales of saints whose names we know but whose stories we don't, tales of some modern heroes who few know, and finally holy folk who were once as well known as St. Francis, St. Anthony, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Clare, etc., but who gradually became forgotten over time. Once you read their stories, however, you'll marvel at how these great men and women aren't better known. You'll also be glad that these heroic Christians are holy unknowns no more.

About me personally


Hi. My name is Brian O'Neel, and I live west of Philadelphia, although you can say I'm from Necedah, WI, by way of California and, well, the world.


I am a freelance writer, PR expert, consultant, editor, and world class researcher. If you have a desire to ask me about my services and rates, please contact me using the contact page.

By God's grace, I'm the husband of the most patient, forebearing woman in the world, the beyond proud father of six children, and an owner of the Green Bay Packers )GO! PACK! GO!). I love sharing the stories of the saints because I love seeing that, "Wow!" look on their face when they become familiar with these truly incredible, exciting people. And the thought that this is a way that a poor sinner like me can help people encounter through these men and women who served Him, sometimes in the most heroic ways, the greatest joy in my life, Jesus Christ, that's a humbling thing.


How can I help you become excited about the saints? How may I serve you?